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FeelBliss Green Homes

At FeelBliss ,your home is designed to reduce negative environmental impact,minimize usage of natural resources and improve overall quality of ambient environment.
Everything that goes into the construction of these homes is used after carefully considering its effect on the environment,

making them green homes in true sense of the the term

Eco-friendly construction

  • Environment-friendly materials are used for construction like AAC blocks
  • Durable roof covering with solar panels
  • Orientation of the building is designed for enhanced natural light and ventilation.
  • Effiecient Waste management system

Use of renewable energy

  • Common lights are powered by solar and wind energy
  • Solar water heaters in each home
  • Active and passive solar design allows natural passage of wind and light
  • Energy efficient light fixtures and appliances

Minimal water usage

  • Low flow and dual flush toilets
  • Water efficient plumbing system
  • Sprinklers and dripping system for landscape
  • Rain water harvest
  • Plantation of native trees to enhance ground water level
  • Conscious decision of omitting swimming pool from the amenities